We provide 1 on 1 research-based instruction using an Orton-Gillingham based system and techniques, which have been proven by research to be effective with dyslexic individuals, or most others who have greater-than-average difficulty in reading and spelling.

Tutoring sessions for Reading and Spelling consist of two, 1-hour sessions per week. Please note: Two sessions per week is the minimum time required to make progress and “close the gap.” More sessions per week can be scheduled, but no less than 2.

The pace of instruction is customized to fit each individual. We progress through a scope and sequence of skills, but provide extra practice and reinforcement as needed, until each skill is learned to mastery.

If your child is moderately to severely dyslexic, please view tutoring as a long-term necessity, rather than a short-term “quick fix.” It generally takes a moderately dyslexic student 2 years to make their way through the entire scope and sequence of most Orton-Gillingham instruction, at the pace of 2 sessions per week. However, your child will make progress and close the gap in reading and spelling.

Tutoring with the right approach is just part of the solution. While your child is working on closing the gap, school and homework accommodations are often needed to help them learn and succeed in school. We provide detailed information on accommodations that will help you determine which ones will best help your child, and the information needed to discuss them with your child’s teacher or school.

Screening and Assessments
We also provide screening to determine whether your child fits the dyslexia profile, as well as assessments and ongoing progress monitoring. 


Online Teaching/Tutoring is a great option for: 

Occasional make-up or distance sessions –if scheduling difficulties, bad weather, car trouble or illness make an in-person session difficult on a particular day, a distance session can be a good alternative to avoid cancellation and rescheduling.

Part or Full time distance tutoring-If a student lives too far away to come in person twice a week, doing half or full-time distance sessions offers an alternative for instruction.

Their is no additional charge for distance tutoring. If you think you would like to use this service, even occasionally, the following steps are needed:


Indicate that you may like to use this service on occasion. This is necessary so that we can ensure we have the files available for the student’s level.

You must have a computer or laptop (mac or pc) and a good, internet connection at home. iPads or other tablets will not work with the screen sharing program.

The student will need a headset with earphones and a microphone. Online audio is not as clear as in-person. This will make audio 50% easier to hear for both student and teacher. The student also needs a mouse and a keyboard so they can manipulate the cursor on screen, to do various tasks during the lesson.