~Schooling for You~

Teaching and Tutoring for Reading, Spelling, Writing & Math

specializing in Dyslexic learners using Orton Gillingham and Multi-Sensory Learning


Nationwide Homeschool Consulting, Curriculum, Diploma Planning and Evaluations

Serving central Pennsylvania in-person and nationally online



Our certified Tutor Specialists work one on one with students specializing in the areas of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Math Learning Disability, Dyscalculia, Writing and Struggling Readers.  Working one on one with students providing services for in-person sessions, on-line sessions or a combination.  Choosing the method that best serves each family and student that sets them on their individual path to success.

If you suspect your child is struggling please contact us now. Nothing is more rewarding than helping a child reach their full potential.



1 in 5 children are Dyslexic

with above average intelligence. Yet they are failing in traditional teaching programs. It's time that everyone can reach their full potential and feel the brilliance that they truly can be.


Schooling for You local office 2138 Market Street, Camp Hill, P.A. 17011